Care Team

Under the direction of a specialized Medical Director, our care team works within a collaborative team-based model to develop and coordinate care with your healthcare physician or specialist.   

  • Our Registered Nurses will visit your place of residence to learn more about your needs, wishes and goals. They will coordinate your care and provide education about your disease and what the journey ahead may look like. Together, we will develop an individualized care plan that emphasizes what matters most to you focusing on enhancing comfort and quality of life.
  • Our Medical Social Worker will help navigate the journey ahead providing education and support for you and your family. The Social Worker will assist with obtaining community resources including, in-home support services, financial assistance, grief support services and more.
  • Our Chaplains work with our patients to assess individual spiritual needs. Together, we will develop a spiritual plan of care the best meets your desires. 
  • Our Dietitian will complete a nutritional assessment as needed and provide intervention and counseling. 
  • Our Palliative Care Director and Care Coordinator are available Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., to answer questions. 

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